Senior Officers

A man with short grey hair and glasses wearing a striped blue shirt
Misys and Andersen Fellow and Tutor in Computer Science / Vice Provost
A man with short dark hair and glasses
Fellow and Director of Development
A man with short dark hair and a dark beard wearing a pale blue shirt
Colin Prestige Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy / Senior Tutor
Ms Juliane Kerkhecker
Grocyn Lecturer, Fellow and Tutor in Classics / Senior Dean / Steward of the Common Room
Rob Wainwright
Chaplain and Fellow / Tutor for Admissions and Outreach
Dr David Maw
Fellow and Tutor in Music / Director of Music / Tutor for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
Dr Paul Yowell
Benn Fellow and Tutor in Law / Tutor for Graduates
A man with short dark hair standing in front of the Vatican
College Lecturer in Classics / Dean of Degrees
Dr Kathryn Murphy
Fellow and Tutor in English Literature / Fellow Librarian
Dr Ian Forrest
Professor of Social and Religious History / Fellow and Tutor in History / Fellow Archivist